Rwandan waste company receives support from pioneer region Flanders



EcoWerf starts partnership with Agruni


Rwanda has experienced impressive figures of economic growth for several years. As a result, urbanization is quickly taking off in the East-African country. Currently, 18% of the Rwandan population lives in cities, but the Rwandan government is aiming for urbanization of 35% by 2020.

To ensure that this happens efficiently, the government is investing heavily in urban planning - and development. These investments must ensure that Kigali and six other Rwandan cities become green, healthy and vibrant centers of economic activity.

Good waste management is the key to a healthy living environment

One of the most important aspects for a healthy living environment is, of course, good waste management. Rwanda is already doing exceptionally good in comparison with other African countries, but with a view to the fast planned urbanization, the challenge remains high.

At the moment, Agruni is collecting 3/4th of all household waste in the capital, and in November the district of Kayonza, in the east of Rwanda, will also be added to their list. This opens possibilities!

Agruni, a Rwandan company collecting waste, wants to transform garbage into energy.

What’s garbage for one is energy for another

in Rwanda

Composting as an added value for Rwandan agriculture

Because 80% of all household waste in Rwanda consists of organic waste, Agruni wants to start a pilot project in Kayonza on the valorisation of this organic waste, more specifically with regard to the possibility of composting this waste. depending on agriculture.

Good compost can therefore have a major impact for many Rwandans. With the right composition, the compost can significantly increase the harvest.

EcoWerf as a partner with many years of experience

Through Exchange, Agruni came into contact with the Flemish company EcoWerf, a company that is responsible for a sustainable and integral waste policy of 27 municipalities and cities in East Brabant. In addition to sorting all kinds of waste streams, EcoWerf has been processing vegetable, fruit and garden waste for more than 20 years in its own composting plant in Leuven. Every year, EcoWerf converts around 50,000 tonnes of organic produce into 20,000 tonnes of compost. Individuals, farmers and horticulturists can buy this environmentally friendly recycled product to improve their soil.

In this sense, EcoWerf is the ideal partner to guide Agruni in their first steps towards composting. This year two Agruni employees are allowed to follow a 2-week internship at Ecowerf. A great start to an undoubtedly very sustainable partnership!



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