Team Mozambikes introduces project management




Mozambikes wants to provide the poor in Mozambique with bikes.

Bike out of extreme poverty

in Mozambique

Mozambikes is a social enterprise that focuses on the production and distribution of bicycles. Enhanced mobility can reduce poverty, which is why the team is fully committed to this. The company has experienced considerable growth in recent years and the team has expanded significantly. This evolution posed a number of challenges: organizing joint projects, setting up a clear internal workflow and working on responsibilities and division of tasks within the team. The introduction of a project management system is necessary.

Online lessons

Peter De Bruyn is a management consultant (and specialist in portfolio and project management) and has been a volunteer for Exchange for many years. He was happy to develop a series of online lessons for the Mozambikes team. In a period of four weeks, he and the team go through 7 workshops in which they not only discuss the principles of project management, but will also apply these principles and models to the daily operation of the company.

After July 10, concepts like milestones, GANTT chart, Work Breakdown structure, project charter… will be part of the daily vocabulary of Mozambikes’ project staff. Skills development is focal. A fascinating process!


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