Our volunteers

Volunteers are the absolute key at Exchange. They provide the necessary expertise to the South partners, facilitate the growth programs and support the operations of Exchange.

Don't you feel at home so much in the development world, but you still want to contribute? That's possible, cause at Exchange you can volunteer in multiple diverse ways. Discover the different options here.

Growth Program Coach

"Lead a growth program from start to finish in the right direction"

The growth program coach is a volunteer who makes the commitment to oversee a trajectory on the longer term (from 6 months to three years), for its full duration and to help ensure the program’s chances of success. In collaboration with the program manager in the North and the staff member from the South team, the growth program coach will:

  • Translate this scope into a high-quality, phased program proposal.
  • Clearly describe the goals per phase in the program, determine the deliverables and identify the stakeholders to be involved.
  • Determine the needs for equipment and expertise per phase of the program and establish the specific contribution of Exchange and other actors.
  • Take responsibility for facilitation and management of the program.
  • Report on the program and its progress.

The profile of the growth program coach does not necessarily include all enterprise expertise and technical knowledge of the sector, in which the South entrepreneur is active. What will be required form the growth program coach is defining very precisely what expertise will be needed at what time to support the South entrepreneur.  Moreover, the GPC will ensure that the cooperation progam remains consistent and dynamic and that all benefit of it is exclusively for the South entrepreneur.

A growth program coach is above all highly motivated and involved with the program. If you recognize yourself in this role, don't hesitate to send your candidacy as growth program coach!


"Share your expertise with our South partners"

The volunteer-expert possesses specific expertise in a professional field that is relevant within a given program. Within a program, the expertise can be deployed throughout the entire duration or within a specific program phase. Different experts can be engaged for a single program or an expert team can be created that provides interdisciplinary guidance throughout the different program phases. The expert:

  • Will contribute his/her expertise both in designing and monitoring the program (project management) and within defined assignments (program steps) on-site, according to the principle of co-creation.
  • Will supply one or more of the deliverables that have been identified within the program phase.
  • Together with the program coach and the core teams North and South and on the basis of practical experience, will continuously adjust the program as necessary.

Exchange welcomes new candidate-experts, who would like to take up a voluntary mission in one of the growth programs Exchange is supporting. Candidates can send in their candidacy via the website.

Internal expert

"Assist Exchange with the internal operations in the North"

The internal volunteer supports Exchange with its operation in the North. Within Exchange there is a great range of opportunities to be involved as a volunteer. In this way, volunteers are helping us through workshops, design and accountancy support.

Do you have something to offer that could add value to the operations of Exchange? Let us know!

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