Clean tourism between the rocks!

Cederberg Municipality


Programme Coaches
Wouter Danckaert

Cederberg Municipality is located North of Cape Town in the Western Cape of South Africa and has a number of unique tourist assets that are not yet fully exploited. The municipality has beautiful rooibos plantations, beautiful rock formations, unique flora and many beaches.

The rock formations in particular offer the opportunity to boost the tourist sector in Cederberg: because of their unique location and shape, they are extremely suitable for climbing activities, especially for bouldering.

Upgrade to zero waste

in South Africa

The aim of the municipality is to develop these bouldering activities in the context of sustainable tourism in consultation with the local population, to put Cederberg on the map as one of the top destinations to practice this climbing sport. Local entrepreneurs can respond to this tourism as much as possible by offering dining and sleeping facilities or by serving the niche market with climbing equipment and accompanying tools! Coach Wouter Danckaert will initially assist the municipality in drawing up an ambitious and realistic tourism strategy!

Zero-waste tourism!

But Cederberg does not focus solely on promoting tourism in the region. Preserving its natural beauty through proper waste management is also one of the top priorities. For this topic as well, Exchange is the ideal partner!

Read how we support Cederberg in the design and implementation of its waste strategy on this page!