Upgrade to zero waste

Cederberg Municipality


Programme Coaches
Anne Vandeputte

South Africa puts an increasing focus on sound waste management. The rainbow nation calls on its municipalities to actively pursue a sound policy in which the local residents play an important link in waste management. Together with the municipalities of Bergrivier and Witzenberg, Exchange is already fully committed to supporting these local initiatives.

The municipality of Cederberg, located north of Cape Town in the Western Cape, is now also starting such a zero-waste initiative. With our accumulated experience and knowledge, Exchange is the ideal partner for Cederberg to assist in its mission. Indeed, Exchange will provide technical assistance and know-how to strengthen waste management and promote recycling initiatives together with existing recyclers. By working together with existing recycles, or local self-employed people and companies that are already active in recycling waste, the partnership also creates important economic opportunities!

The focus is on responsible management of the waste flows through maximum sorting at the source of the recyclable waste flows, reuse of organic waste by means of composting and support for recycling companies in the implementation of their business plans. In addition, awareness programs will promote waste sorting at source and work will be done on sustainable transfer stations and return points.

Clean tourism between the rocks!

in South Africa

Zero-waste toerisme!

Unique to the partnership with Cederberg is that waste management will not be the sole focus. In a second programme, the focus will be on promoting tourism. That is why the municipality of Cederberg and the local Chamber of Commerce and Tourism are jointly examining how the recycling activities can be further developed. There will be special attention for the relationship between the promotion of tourism in the region and the preservation of nature free from litter!

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