Raising awareness is the key to sustainable waste management

Witzenberg Municipality (Ceres)



Programme Coach
Bert Bortier
Expert Team
Els Compernolle
Myriam De Munter
Anne Vandeputte
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Exchange did not only visit Bergrivier, we also met with the Witzenberg Municipality to establish a partnership focused on waste management, waste reduction, composting and recycling.  

The situation in Witzenberg is quite different to the one in Bergrivier. There are still public garbage dumps in use. Recycling and waste separation at the source are still not very well-established behaviours. In Witzenberg, there is still a lot to be done.  

In October 2018, GreenCape performed a needs analysis in Witzenberg. This allowed Exchange to know what expertise and support would be required of us. Time to get to work!  

A third partner in this growth programme is the municipality of Essen. Essen is the twin city to Witzenberg as established in the VVSG twin cities agreement. They have been working together with the South African municipality on waste processing since 2002.  

Exchange will continue to build on the existing collaborations. As well as this, we will be facilitating the expertise exchange. Raising awareness, recycling, composting and collaborating with local recycling companies will be the focus points of the programme in Witzenberg. 


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