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ClinicMaster International

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Software to help people

The ICT company ClinicMaster International is to be found in Uganda’s lively capital cityThe SME was founded in 2013 and continues to grow today. ClinicMaster develops and sells a software programme that assists hospitals in the daily follow-up of their patientsIn the meantime, the software package is used in ninety different hospitals in Uganda, Kenyand South Sudan.  

The start-up mentality

Although the SME has now been active for five years, it still acts with a truly ambitious start-up mentality. The fifteen employees are involved in daily decisions and the long-term strategic choicesAccording to General Director and founder Wilson Kutega, this horizontal structure and co-creation are the secrets behind the success‘Our employees are more closely connected with our clients. They’re better placed to identify their needs than the management team ever could be,’ he claims. ‘The open communication and involvement of the personnel makes ClinicMaster what it is today: a great place to work, grow and develop your skills!’

Innovation that keeps you ahead of the competition

In a globalising world, this SME is also being confronted with increasing competition from national and international players. Players who are bringing more innovative products to the market and who can count on larger marketing budgets. It is up to ClinicMaster to maintain its market position in the sector and to invest in innovation and sustainable growth

Exchange and ClinicMaster signed a long-term partnership. In the meantime, also Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs has joined the partnership. The goal: to remain ahead of the competition and allow the SME to grow.


The SOME IQ action plan was born. It highlights six strategic goal (Sales, Organisation, Market & Marketing, Employees, Innovation and Quality). This ambitious action plan ensures ClinicMaster will grow its client portfolio through better quality and services. As a result of this, they will be able to create even more sustainable employment opportunities in the region. With the growth programme, Exchange and ClinicMaster are aiming to make ClinicMaster the leading IT company in the Ugandan health sector. 

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