Ugandan entrepreneur visiting Belgium





In recent months, ClinicMaster International has had experts Jan Ghys and Jan Van Damme visiting to provide assistance in the areas of strategy and sales respectively. The company has since taken big steps to further optimize its internal operations. To further support progress, ClinicMaster sought additional funding, which it found thanks to Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs (OVO).

ClinicMaster in Uganda develops and sells an IT solution for hospitals.

Smart IT for a stronger health sector

in Uganda

In addition to a loan against social conditions, the partnership with OvO also offers a training program for the manager of ClinicMaster. Therefore, Wilson Kutegeka, the manager of the promising IT company, made it to Belgium to join the training together with a handful of other entrepreneurs.

Exchange and OvO committed to join forces to support ClinicMaster. As a consequence, both organizations will support the company in close consultation and information will be optimally shared.

Therefore, both organizations decided that Exchange would take over part of the program during Wilson's stay. For example, a meeting took place between Wilson and the Exchange experts involved in the programme. During the meeting, progress at ClinicMaster was discussed and there was also ample time to discuss some points of attention.

Furthermore, coach Frank Louwers was committed to assist Wilson in preparing his investor pitch that he would give to a wide audience of interested parties. It was clear that the enthusiastic audience gathered by OvO believes in Wilson and ClinicMaster!

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus, not all activities could go ahead as planned. Notwithstanding, the 2 weeks in Belgium were an enormous enrichment for Wilson, which will give him and his company an additional boost!


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