e-Health: a Booming Business





ClinicMaster in Uganda develops and sells an IT solution for hospitals.

Smart IT for a stronger health sector

in Uganda

Increased market demand


The corona crisis also has positive side effects for some companies. For example, the Ugandan company ClinicMaster is benefiting from an increased demand for IT solutions in the health sector. Such IT solutions have the advantage of being less dependent on human interaction, something we limit as much as possible during this pandemic. With their eHealth software ClinicMaster responds directly to this need in the market!

In order to make full use of the new opportunities, Jo Leunis carried out an expertise assignment on site. In addition to general management support, Jo also focused on optimizing the Sales process. For this he was able to continue working where Jan Van Damme had left off with ClinicMaster during a previous assignment.

Jo worked closely with the recently hired sales manager at ClinicMaster to implement a CRM system. This system should enable ClinicMaster to provide a more efficient follow-up of its customers and to better respond to the wishes of current and future customers. A big step forward!


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