CSR & Employee Engagement


By delivering volunteer expertise within Exchange growth programs in the South a company in the North can strengthen its HRM policy in a unique way.

After all, Exchange offers a personal development program aimed at stimulating and strengthening motivated and competent employees in a context that is very different from the known and therefore all the more challenging and enriching.

Employee Engagement

The employee engagement program can be created for two target groups:

1) Young high potentials who enter into a wide range of experiences and training in order to gain professional proficiency. Taking a defined role in an Exchange program in Belgium or in the South contributes to a large extent to competences such as intercultural action, coaching, problem-solving thinking, project management in a setting with limited resources, ....

Employee Engagement

2) Senior experts who have many years of professional experience but no longer see new opportunities or opportunities within their company (and will still be active until their 67th). By stimulating these people with new challenges they see their talents valued and increases their commitment and motivation, which also benefits their regular job responsibilities. We are seeing more and more that large companies are developing such formulas (for example experienceatwork established by KBC, AXA, Proximus and Fortis) and we are choosing to fully subscribe to these talented and social dynamics.

How it works

Exchange can offer interested companies growth programs, which are already in progress or in start-up, or look for a partnership with some specific characteristics that may interest a company and where 'private sector for development' and 'shared value' function as guidelines.

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