Preparing fruit growers for the market





Early 2018, Delight (U) Ltd. was selected for the construction and operation of a new factory in Uganda. IN the future this factory will produce fruit juices for the Ugandan market. The big challenge, however, is to grow the fruit that will be used to make these drinks locally and thus give the local economy a chance to make full use of its agricultural potential.


“Cheers”, on social fruit juices!

in Uganda

Local cooperative as main supplier

The Nwoya Fruit Growers Cooperative, a fruit cooperative in the north of Uganda, is the ideal partner to meet this fruit need. However, the Cooperative still has a lot of work to do before it can deliver high-quality fruit of a sufficient quantity. Since the construction of the factory is still at the initial stage, there is still enough time to grow the cooperative to the desired level.

Local partners as backbone of success

Therefore, coach Jos Craemers went to North Uganda early December 2019 to identify the needs of the cooperative and to make a situation analysis of possible local partners. Together with these identified partners we will now discuss who takes on which responsibilities and how this collaboration can be converted into a structured long-term plan. Jos clearly knows the importance of local ownership for the success of such a programme!


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