South-East Africa is thé growth market of the future! A young population, a growing middle class, a huge labor market linked to a spectacular digital revolution and an extremely entrepreneurial climate. In short, an ideal context to explore new markets as a company. Moreover, today there is huge untapped potential in the region for smart entrepreneurs to capitalize on!




The match with a similar company gives you immediate access to a large and relevant business network and you get to know your business sector in a safe context. Maybe you can even investigate the possibility of establishing a real business partnership with your African twin? Talk about a win-win story!

Twinning gives you the chance to get to know the African market within a safe environment? Some options at a glance ..

By partnering with an African company from the same sector, you get to know the local market in the best possible way. Different options to fill in the partnership will offer you different opportunities. We have already listed some options for you!

Employee Missions


Company Internship


Project Work

Inspiration Tour