A Twinning partnership offers you the opportunity to write a strong sustainable story with a similar company in Africa. Due to the great similarity between your company and the African partner company, this story immediately becomes very recognizable and relevant for all your stakeholders! By communicating about the partnership with integrity, you put your company on the map as a real sustainable company!

Furthermore, the partnership gives you the opportunity to achieve sustainable objectives in a concrete and meaningful way. Corporate social responsibility thus not only remains a vague term, but is also actively addressed. Thanks to the partnership, you contribute to the realization of a global agenda of sustainable development goals, something that your customers will appreciate!

How can you write a real CSR story through Twinning? Some options at a glance ..

The more you invest in the partnership, the stronger your CSR story will become. An alignment between the partnership and the DNA of your organization is crucial to communicate your initiative in an effective way. Design the partnership so that it fits your vision of Corporate Social Responsibility!

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