By involving employees in the partnership you help African companies grow and you also offer your employees enormous learning opportunities. The African market is characterized by its innovative and creative approach, qualities that you can transfer to your employees through the partnership. An intercultural experience also proves to be the ideal way to further develop high potentials in a challenging context. In the 'war for talent' you as an innovative employer will have more than an advantage!



Moreover, the partnership allows you to involve a wide group of employees in a social story. Direct contacts with African counterparts ensure enormous commitment and involvement and increase motivation. This way you offer employees a relevant purpose, which is essential for every employer in the 21st century!

How can you optimally involve your staff in the partnership? Some options at a glance ..

There are several ways to involve your staff in a Twinning partnership. Depending on your wishes and needs, the partnership can focus on developing growth paths for your employees in which skills such as leadership, creativity and diversity are strengthened or on broadening the mindset and cultural sensitivity. Do you especially want to motivate and inspire your employees? That is also possible!

Employee Missions


Company Internship


Project Work

Inspiration Tour