Remote coaching and support

Supporting African partners during a global pandemic

At Exchange, co-creation is the core of all activities. We provide our African partners with coaching, technical expertise and business knowledge to support them in their growth plans. Face to face interactions and cooperation on site are an essential part of our support. Although the COVID-19 crisis prohibits all international travels our African partners are not on their own. Now more than ever, they need coaching, advice for adjusting business plans, financial expertise…

In practice...

It goes without saying that we continue to support our partners. We keep striving for personal contact with professional impact. Online communication tools are fully used for all current programs. Our coaches and experts work with WhatsApp, Skype and other online consultation platforms in a flexibel way. Various other online tools are also used.

ClinicMaster in Uganda works with the online software program Liveplan to refine their business plan. Salesforce is the program that they use to optimize their sales process. For Satemwa Tea Estates in Malawi, company partner Comma Merkenmarketers organized an online workshop on marketing and positioning. The Quake advertising team in Rwanda works with coach Clo Willaerts via facebook live sessions.

Some more practical examples...

At Agruni, a blog is used to communicate between the Rwandan team and coach Wouter Danckaert and his colleagues at Ecowerf. Webinars are planned for the tourism sector programs in Rwanda and Uganda. The coaching of Tradeline / Cofi in Malawi is based on MFI Factsheet a tool from Microfact / BRS. In

Finally, in Mozambique ‘Digital Monitoring’ is on top of the agenda for 3R and the management is coached accordingly. For each of the growth programs, we are developing new methods to guarantee continued support the coming months. We will adjust plannings and goals and elaborate new topics for support. We will continue our commitment and tailor our method to the needs of the South entrepreneur. Flexibility is the code word!

Or as the American management guru Peter Drucker once said: "Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship!"


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